Magic Trackpad | Mac Book Pro 2018 Force Touch Trackpad

Taptic Engine In older days tiny joysticks are used in Laptop's which are replaced by touch pad's. Later touch pad's with the function of separate mouse buttons feel immense. Already the latest gadgets have multiple fingers at once, Pinch to zoom and scrolling with two fingers. Latest technology adapted to the Apple's watch, Macbook Pro and Iphone 7 are Apple's Force Touch Taptic Engine enabling smooth operations. Now this feature enables how hard you press, which creates new oscillating signals for the new interface. Why the name created as Taptic? The word is the combination of "Tap" and "Haptic". A technology which generates vibration from the forces developed while pressing by the user to convey the information. Think of a game controller when the character fears when shot produce a vibration to the user. This signal is called as "haptic feedback". Parts of the Tactic Engine The whole assembly is

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